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You want to listen

Amy has seen much in her life. From her job teaching “troubled” youth, to her current position as Director of Housing for CareSource, Amy has been a witness to unfairness and injustice and tragedy. And instead of pointing fingers at someone else to fix the problem, Amy rolls up her sleeves and she gets to work. The gut-wrenching, exhausting, never-ending work of advocacy and action and protesting the status quo. She is an educator and a believer. She is brave. And she is force when she puts her mind to something.

Amy is also warm and inviting. She has this smile that makes you feel at ease immediately. When she is telling a story, she has this way of moving her hands and her head in unison so subtly that you are not aware that she is hypnotizing you into agreeing with whatever she is saying. Okay, maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but only a slight one. When Amy is talking, you want to listen. And you want to agree.

LORE is excited and proud to have Amy on stage.

Make sure that you do not miss it! Get a VIP ticket so that you can get a chance to chat with Amy and the other storytellers before the show.

The LORE Mainstage: I Survived VIP cocktail hour starts at 6PM on Thursday, August 15th and includes food, drinks, a reserved seat, a spectacular view of the city, and engaging conversation.


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