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He demands attention.

The first time that I saw Fred Cox on stage was at a benefit after the tornadoes hosted by Metaphorically Speaking. They put on a high energy event. The music was upbeat, and the poets engaging. They brought people from the crowd onto stage and they had us up and out of our seats laughing and singing and dancing. But when Fred took the stage, his presence filled the room with sober reflection. We were there to raise money for tornadoes and Fred reminded us all how to support one another, how to support our community and who we, as Daytonians, were. He was captivating and engaging with his words and his presence. He demanded attention.

I had heard of Fred Cox was before I saw him on stage that night. I had heard about what he was up to with the Dayton Young Black Professionals and his passion for making a difference in his community. So when I realized who the man on stage was and what he stood for, I knew that I wanted to meet him.

Fred is serious and passionate. He is compassionate and driven. Fred also has a smile that will melt your heart.

When Fred agreed to host the LORE Mainstage: I Survived event I was thrilled and honored. I can’t wait.

Join me. Witness Fred and 6 Daytonian storytellers on stage on Thursday, August 15th at 7PM at 40 N Main Street in Downtown Dayton.


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