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Gimmicky marketing language pushes people away.

An authentic story draws people in

Start connecting deeply with people today!

A LORE Storytelling for Business Workshop is an interactive program that will teach you how to craft a captivating first-person story. You will learn about the story arc and story components, draft and share your personal story, and receive valuable feedback.

Learn how to distinguish yourself and your company through the stories you tell.

Acquire creative and powerful tools to communicate in a unique and authentic way.
Develop a personal story that people want to hear in order to better connect with customers, employees, and colleagues.



"Creating stories about how we serve our clients can be a powerful marketing tool. When you can engage people with stories about the value you bring to your work, they will find them more relate-able; and this can help them visualize themselves having the same valuable experience."


“There is not a single person that couldn’t benefit from a LORE Storytelling Workshop. Definitely great for those in leadership roles or trying to become leaders.”

"This is a great class to give participants the courage and confidence to craft thoughtful stories that land with the customer and clients. A solid story is about making connections and when connections are made, business is stronger through trust and relatability."

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