Bridget Flaherty, founder

Bridget Flaherty has a successful career in Information Technology and Business Process Improvement and she is a Storyteller. Odd combination? Yes. And it makes her uniquely qualified to teach storytelling for business.

The first time that Bridget got on stage to tell a story, she won the competition. Instantly, she was hooked. She began travelling to share stories across the Midwest, including cities like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Louisville, Cincinnati and Dayton.

Quickly, Bridget recognized how a captivating story can impact business success through effective leadership, captivating marketing, increased sales and clarified company culture. It was a natural fit. Marrying her more than 20 years of experience in business leadership with her passion for storytelling, Bridget developed a curriculum that makes sense for business professionals and she began to share the art of storytelling. LORE was born.

Bridget leads storytelling workshops, small group sessions and provides one-on-one coaching for business professionals that desire to tell a captivating story.

Te'Jal Cartwright, story coach

Te'Jal Cartwright was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Her passion for her community was instilled in her at an early age when she was encouraged to go out into the community with her church. Throughout her academic career, she would find herself more and more concerned about the state of her community and the role that she played in empowering those around her while learning from them as well. After graduating from the University of Dayton with her bachelor's degree in English, she went on to fundraising and community outreach. It was at her previous job that she discovered her love for hosting.


With this discovery she created a digital talk show called What's the Biz with TJ. What's the Biz focuses on highlighting black entrepreneur's stories in an effort to connect the community to black owned businesses. Te'Jal has interviewed more than 35 businesses and has expanded to a national platform within the past year.


She's also interviewed legendary artists like Jojo Brim and Christopher "Play" Martin from Kid N' Play. Her life's work is dedicated to creating a better world for her 3 year old son, Luke.

Te’Jal has been a part of the LORE team in a variety of capacities since January 2019. She is an engaging host and a proficient technologist who keeps the LORE Storytelling Workshops moving smoothly.