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I met Rob on Facebook. How we became friends, I am not quite sure, but when he offered to help me figure out the sound system situation at LORE's downtown Dayton location, I said, “Yes, please.”

After a few Facebook messenger communications we decided to meet in person and figure it out. In all honesty, I did not expect Rob’s kindness. He greeted me with a genuine and unassuming smile that immediately put me at ease. His offer to help was given without strings. And because of his gift, the LORE space was ready for the Grand Opening. And Rob continues to have an impact every time a storyteller takes the stage.

A few weeks after our initial meeting, Rob presented an entirely different set of strings. Meeting Rob at his space in the Front Street Buildings, I was greeted by some of the most beautiful instruments that I have ever seen. This sacred space where legendary musicians adorn the walls, exquisite instruments sit waiting to be played and classic furniture invites you to stay, feels like something between an artists living room and a private lair, where only the privileged are welcome. And I feel privileged. Rob shares stories as we tour the place. He introduces me to people and he asks how he can support me. When I mention the LORE Mainstage: Hunger event, he agrees, almost immediately, to share his talents on stage.

Of course he did. Because Rob is that kind of person. He passionate about his craft and community. And he has a huge heart.

You can find Rob on stages in Dayton in bands including Chakras, Goldmatch, and DoubleDown and now, at the LORE Mainstage: Hunger event on Thursday May 9th at the Brightside Music Venue.

Rob Olsen


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