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She is a warrior

When Jackie told her story at Pitch Night, I was engaged. She was captivating. When I found out later that she has a theater background, I was not surprised. Jackie knows how to engage an audience.

Jackie began her story that night with a list of tragedies: death and loss and near death and violence and abandonment. The list doesn’t sound real. All of that in one life? No, that is not possible. It is not possible that this beautiful, soft spoken, wide-eyed woman before me has seen all of that in one lifetime. But it is true. Jackie has seen more than most.

I am not sure that Jackie realizes just how powerful she is. Her apologies are a little too frequent and her voice is a little too soft. But her history speaks loudly: Jackie is a warrior. She had endured hardships that might have broken a lesser person. Jackie has climbed from the depths of darkness and emerged stronger, brighter and more brilliant. Her sweet softness is a choice because she has earned the right to be bitter.

Her story will leave you breathless. Her performance will leave you wanting more. And when you meet her, don’t let her soft exterior full you, Jackie is a warrior.

Jackie inspires that strength within each one us to rise and stand up. And I don't know about you, but I could use that kind of inspiration right now. Come to LORE Mainstage: I SURVIVED and be inspired.

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Monica Butler
Monica Butler
Aug 30, 2021

Great blog post thanks for sharing.

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