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I met Reka at a Start Up Grind event where she was on the panel. She spoke about finding balance as an entrepreneur and her passion about how the grind can actually stifle creativity rather than enhance it was compelling. I had to meet her. And so I waited around after the discussion and I introduced myself. And Reka already knew who I was. We laughed. That’s Dayton! We set up a time for lunch and so began our journey.

Reka knows that she is good at what she does. She doesn’t compromise. She chooses carefully who she works with and why. She takes her craft seriously and the results speak for themselves. When I started looking for partners for LORE branding, the match between Reka’s energy and mine made the decision easy. Paperreka began developing a design strategy for LORE.

There is a lot of design work that goes into an event like LORE Mainstage: Hunger. More than I realized, actually. There are logos to add to pictures, there are words and fonts and posters and playbills and t-shirts. It takes time and time is money. And Reka, in sponsorship of both LORE and the Foodbank, has offered to donate her time.

Witness Reka’s talents: look for the posters around town, like the facebook page, buy a ticket and hold the playbill in your hands.



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