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Little Miami River Catering

Updated: May 2, 2019

We met at a Panera and almost immediately we were laughing about life. Entrepreneurship, motherhood, rushing and creating.

Molly, with her husband Matt, is the owner of Little Miami River Catering, the go-to caterer for weddings and events in the Dayton area. They are the chosen caterer of the Mandalay and so when the Brightside suggested that I talk to Molly, I was excited.

Food and an event on the topic of Hunger seems like a synergy, but both Molly and I wanted to be careful about the message. LMR Catering crafts feasts and we are hosting an event about hunger.

And so, Molly offered to donate her time and effort, her talents and her craft. Molly is busy. Her time is money. And she is giving food in order to help raise awareness about hunger. And there is beauty in that synergy.

Molly’s feast is included in a VIP ticket.

“More than 29 years of catering in Dayton, Ohio! Little Miami River Catering can create and cater for you an extraordinary event to remember. We cater a range of events from formal sit-down dinners to casual backyard barbecues. We'll create an experience that fits your personality, budget and fine taste in food. We are completely flexible and capable of accommodating small, cozy parties to large events, from 50 to 5000 people.” -

LMR Catering


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