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I met Jay when the Liftoff Entertainment main office was within Nucleus in the Oregon District. Jay always had some crazy neon shirt or giant sunglasses or multi-colored wig or funny quote to share. No matter what kind of day you are having, Jay can bring sunshine to the room. His laugh is contagious. His head tilts back and his eyes close and his laugh comes from deep within him, out into the space, so that you cannot help but laugh too.

As soon as you meet him it does not surprise you that Jay is in the business of facilitating fun. His website says is perfectly: “We love entertaining, period. At your next event, picture fun music playing, people dancing, and guests taking fun photos in one of our awesome photo booths. From weddings to corporate events, we provide both DJ and Photo Booth services and tailor them to your event. If you're looking for party professionals who love what they do, look no further than the passionate team at Liftoff Entertainment.”

And there is so much more to Jay than a good time. Jay has been supporting his community since the conception of his business. From Hoopla to the Dayton Adult Prom, from hosting workshops about business planning to volunteering in the community, Jay finds ways to fit fun into fundraising.

The LORE Mainstage Hunger event is going to be a lot of fun, in part because Jay is a sponsor of the event. So get your ticket while you still can. This event is going to be a night to remember.

Jay Nigro


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