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It's personal

A mutual friend recommended that we get together for coffee and so we did. And immediately there was a connection. We talked like old friends. We exchanged stories and contacts. We dreamed together and we schemed together and we left with a hug.

That was before LORE. And so when I was looking for someone who could help with social media, I reached out to Te’Jal and she said yes. The first thing that she did was teach me a whole new language: impressions and clicks and insights and reach. And then, she encouraged me to post videos and pictures. Oh, she definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone! And in the beginning, every time I posted a video she sent me a “That’s awesome!” message because she knew that I was nervous. And every week when we met and I had changed my mind about the name or the wording about the posts or about the events, so rolled with it. And she gently told me how this picture might be better than another picture or this message might be better said in this way and how posting on Sunday evenings was better than Monday mornings.

But, in all honesty, Te’Jal’s value to me has been so much more than what to post and when. It has been the encouragement and support. Her knowledge on social media is valuable but her personal support is priceless. Te’Jal’s encouragement has pushed me to be out there when I would rather hide behind quotes and still frames.

Te’Jal believes in me. And that belief has brought me to tears in more than one of our meetings which feel more like coffee dates with a friend than business meetings.

Some people say “It’s business. It isn’t personal.” But with Te’Jal, it’s always personal. She gives herself to what she does. She is passionate about her work and her world. She shares and she listens. And that makes all the difference.

Bridget and Te'Jal


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