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Indigo Life

There was a time in my life that I need a place to stay. I needed a roof over my head and a bed to lay my head. A friend put me in touch with Andrew and Lauren who shared with me their spare bedroom. I barely knew them and they welcomed me like I was family.

That is just how they are. They love with open arms. The Dayton music video was a gift to the city, Nucleus, co-created with other community driven entrepreneurs, was a gift to the city. Lauren leads UpDayton. Andrew leads workshops and hosts events.

With Indigo Life Media, the video marketing agency they created and run, Andrew and Lauren are transforming the way we consume content and interact with our community. They empower you to build virtual relationships that enhance offline experiences through our expertise in video production and strategic content creation.

With Indigo Life Network, they craft and curate original shows streamed online to build a community that embraces a lifestyle rooted in self-expression, consciousness, and social responsibility.

Personally and professionally, Andrew and Lauren White of Indigo Life Media care. They live authentically and powerfully. They are in action in the community.

And when I asked them to sponsor the LORE Mainstage event they saw the synergy.

Thank you, Indigo Life Media for supporting me, personally and professionally.

Andrew and Lauren White


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