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He loves us.

The morning of the day after our city was hit by 14 tornadoes, Sean was at work. He was at work, like he is everyday, supporting this city that he loves. You see, Sean is the volunteer coordinator at the Dayton Area Foodbank. A job that he chose because of his love for the community. I mean, no one takes a job at a non-profit for the money, right? They do it for because of the love in their hearts. And with Sean, that is truth.

The love for his city exudes from him everywhere he is. Whether in the Oregon District or from the PechaKucka stage or at his day job or his volunteer activities or networking events, Sean greets you with a smile, gives you something to laugh about, and will hug you like he means it.

Which is why gunshots in his neighborhood hit him especially hard. Happiness doesn’t feel like it fits right now. Smiles and laughs don’t seem to make sense. Sean’s city is hurting and so is he.

When Sean agreed to tell his story on stage as part of the LORE Mainstage: I Survived event, the city was rebuilding. Now, this city that he loves, is hurting, bleeding and wounded and Sean feels it.

Sean wasn’t sure if he could take the stage after the Oregon District tragedy. And can you blame him? Laughter feels fake. Smiles feel disingenuous. And Sean wants to lift us up, because that is who he is.

Sean will be on stage, because he loves this city, because he loves his home, because he loves us.

Show him some love and come out to LORE Mainstage: I SURVIVED on August 15th at 7PM at 40 N Main St in Downtown Dayton.


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