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Eye to Eye

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Nicole is slightly shorter than me. I say this because no one is ever shorter than me and when she and I talk, we see eye to eye - literally - eye to eye. And so, when I talk with Nicole, I feel like she seeing me. She listens intently and shares authentically, and she is with me. So if you are taller than Nicole and I, and you have had the pleasure of conversation with this beauty, tell me, is it just me, or does she see everybody?

When I met Nicole, the first thing she said to me was, “I can’t believe that this storytelling thing exists in Dayton. I have been looking for you my whole life!” And now, after taking the LORE Classroom 4 week course, I feel like I have helped to unleash the Kraken.

Nicole has stories to tell. They are exploding from her like steam from a pressure cooker: they must be told. Her life demands it. Her excitement with the process helps to carry this group of storytellers meeting each week to work on their stories of hunger. The group might be nervous, but when Nicole speaks suddenly everyone is excited. She just does that, she inspires you with smiles and laughter and tears and truth. Her vulnerability is real and raw. She is who she is and in her presence we all cannot help but feel as if she will accept each one of us exactly as we are.

Nicole’s hunger story could be any one of our stories. Her childhood experience of witnessing a mentor who made a difference in the lives of those in her community simply by doing the little things is touching and triumphant. And the way Nicole shares it is like someone who has stories to share. She understands the power of a story that we can relate to and so she paints a picture with her words that feels and reveals. And in her story, I see me, eye to eye.

A VIP ticket gets you the opportunity meet Nicole and I before the show where you can see us side by side, eye to eye. And every ticket gets a chance to hear her story, live on stage. So get your ticket. You don’t want to miss it!


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