“This event would not be possible without our sponsors.”

I have heard these words at least a couple hundred times in my lifetime. They are at the end of events and radio shows and podcast and websites. And now I personally understand just how absolutely real these words are.

When I received the email from CareSource that they were going to sponsor the LORE Mainstage event, I literally cried. It was like a huge stress had been lifted. With that one email, this event became positive. We were no longer in the red.

CareSource is big player in the Dayton area. I can say with pretty good confidence that if you live in the Miami Valley you life has been somehow touched by the CareSource family. I personally have held CareSource health insurance. As a small business owner, options are often limited and CareSource has options on the marketplace for small business owners. (

CareSource is investing in Downtown Dayton: The new CareSource Office Tower, on the 100 block of First Street, employs 800 employees. (

CareSource donates to our region: Since its launch in 2006, the CareSource Foundation has provided over 1,300 Ohio nonprofit organizations nearly $17 million to strengthen and support community initiatives. (

CareSource employs over 4,000 people in the Miami Valley.

CareSource provides money and resources to fight hunger in the community because they understand the relationship between food and health. (

And CareSource is sponsoring the Lore Mainstage: Hunger event.

This event would not be possible without our sponsors. So, check out what CareSource is up to and see how you can support our supporters.


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