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Community Classes

For 4 Monday evenings, a small group of LORE Storylovers work with LORE Story Coaches to develop a personal, first-person, story for the stage.

The week of the last class, the brand new storytellers share your stories in front of a live audience at a special Storytelling Event!

At the first class, you will receive a LORE Workbook with homework exercises to guide you through the process. Each week, you will share a version of your story, learning how to craft and perform it, so that by the 4th week, you are ready for the stage!

Here is what you can expect:

Week 1: Learn about the story arc and components and share your story with a partner.

Week 2: Share the next version of your story, based on the homework, with the entire group and receive valuable feedback from the story coach.

Week 3: Learn about performance and tools and techniques for sharing an oral story on stage or livestream. Share the next version of your story.

Week 4: Perform the final version of your story, using the tools and techniques learned in previous classes. Get finishing touch feedback to prepare you for the graduation event.


Workshop Format Preference

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