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Craft Stories People Will Remember

Strengthen Company Culture | Connect Deeply with Customers | Nail the Speech

Unite and Build Trust

An authentic story knocks down walls. It helps people in organizations see each other as human and can build confidence in customers. Stories even have the power to unite people from vastly different backgrounds and perspectives.

Change Perception

Whether fair or not people's perception of you or your organization sometimes need to be changed. Story has the power to flip the script and show the human side people so desperately need in order to see things with different lenses.

Inspire Action

Stories are the life blood of a cause. If you want to pull people together there is no better way than to paint a picture they will care about through story.

What they're saying

LORE is uniting people, giving hope and inspiring culture growth within businesses and the community. 

Keep an eye out for LORE ...they're the REAL deal!

Jesse Lisec, Business Development Manager

Taking the course was truly an incredible experience and part of my journey to healing. LORE did an amazing job teaching me about the important elements needed to create a dynamic story, walked me through crafting my own personal story, and provided the tools needed to tell my story with boldness and confidence. I'm so excited to take all that I have learned and continue to write. I highly recommend taking this class, you might surprise yourself and find you are a storyteller!!

Toya Webb, Storytelling Workshop Graduate

I contacted LORE to help me curate a better story to be able to do more public speaking events. I highly recommend them to anyone! The teachers are amazing storytellers themselves and excellent teachers! 

YOU have a story to tell, let LORE guide you. You won’t regret it

Elizabeth App, Business Owner

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